GrowGreen Power  MISSION…….



To meet these challenges one of the fundamental paradigm shifting technological advances for communities and cities throughout the Nation and World Community is embedded in – GrowGreen Power’s mission to develop at the local level Sustainable Energy Power Plants combined with fully climate-controlled Hydroponic Greenhouses in Cities Worldwide – that ensure reliable local production of wide varieties of the highest quality fresh fruits, vegetables, lettuces and herbs – while using a small fraction of the resources of water, nutrients and energy relative to traditional farming methods.

GrowGreen Power Center’s Hydroponic Greenhouse growing environments increase annual production 30-times or 3,000% over traditional farming methods while providing hundreds of new jobs at the local level in communities throughout the United States and World Community.

GrowGreen Power Centers are a fundamental building block in the emergence new Economic Green Zones that can be developed around American Cities and Communities producing much of what need in the United States at home with American resources in new High-tech, Sustainable Energy driven Net Zero Economic hubs. This will be the key to reinvigorating the American Economy and the American High Tech work force – with well paid and high quality American jobs.

The Emergence of the Economic Green Zone Development Model Worldwide is also the paradigm shift that can be replicated in China, Mexico and countries around the World as all Nations move toward a much more Sustainable Economic Model with a higher quality of life for the people within each Nation on Earth.  

It will be seen in time that GrowGreen Power Centers at the center of new Economic Green Zones are one of the fundamental paradigm shifting industries and sustainable urban planning approaches that will meet the massive transformational challenges that the United States and World Community must address to meet The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century – and reach a Sustainable 21st Century by The Year 2050. 

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